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Drilling Machinery

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WFA5090DZJ type (YD-II type) Geological Engineering rig truck


First, the main features:

1, the dual power-driven vehicles, vehicle dynamics and power separation rig dedicated devices work. Vehicles using wind load 5 tons, crew of 3, 4 × 4 double-bridge drive through the off-road vehicle chassis high. Special part for the whole rig hydraulic drive to 4100P type diesel engine for the hydraulic power source, is conducive to the maximum extent possible to reduce wear and tear on the car engine and save fuel.

2, fully hydraulic multi-agency campaign to achieve a combination of the static rotation, vibration, pounding rotation, rope hammer shock, CPT and other functions integrated on a single rig. Can be connected to DTH as DTH drilling. Adaptable, more than one machine.

3, in the country, outside the first rotary power head and a fixed combination of vibratory hammer, and along the lateral shift away from the holes. Overcome domestic and foreign drilling only vibration, rotation can not be beat, the use of vibrator to be subject to installation problems. For enhanced drilling, casing from the ability to facilitate the upper and lower drill pipe, drilling operation to shorten the time to mention, to deal with pebbles, gravel underground drilling and processing of geological accident results are quite remarkable.

4, the use of drill pipe couplings directly connected to the drill pipe, drilling work at the initiative does not require re-handling drill pipe on the other drill.

5, plus pressure, promoted force, output torque, drilling ability to meet the needs of deep-hole drilling.

6, the agencies are hydraulic control, high degree of mechanization, safe, flexible, convenient and fast.

7, rotating power head for mechanical continuously variable transmission in second gear.

8, hydraulic-driven winch, mechanical two-speed transmission.

9, is made available for exploration drilling in the most scientific kind, the most advanced, best performance, than the domestic exploration and drilling of similar high efficiency 2 to 3 times. Drilling rig on the part of the structure and function of similar foreign products basket with the United States, the price is indeed a quarter of imported rig. Can be described as cheap, good value for money.

10, maintenance, repair is simple, fast and convenient after-sales service, spare parts in a timely manner.

Second, the main function:

1, various types of coverage applicable to the Quaternary geological formations in situ exploration and testing requirements, are widely used in industrial and civil defense facilities and roads, railways, bridges, water conservancy, electric power, coal, mining, petroleum, harbor, municipal, geophysical blast hole, rock drilling and so on.

2, with a static, rotating, vibrating beat, shock, CPT and other features:

A, static pressure: For soft ground, to drilling and hydrostatic pressure into the original sampling method (static pressure plus rotation when necessary).

B, rotation plus static pressure: For a variety of clay and sand on the water table and bedrock weathering zone of drilling.

C, the vibration hit: For loose sand, gravel, crushed stone formation such as drilling and casing.

D, vibration pounding static pressure: To improve improve the A, C forms of drilling performance and efficiency.

E, static pressure, vibration plus rotation hit: The use of complex formation when drilling the best way.

F, rope hammer impact: Slow in the C types of drilling, the use of hanging heavy hammer percussive drilling, and hammering method for the original sample and the dynamic penetration, and the standard penetration test.

G, CPT-situ testing.

H, equipped with rotary drilling mud to rocks and Quaternary unconsolidated geological layers deep hole drilling and mud protection.

I, -the-hole hammer drilling: The use of compressed air DTH type of rock drilling.

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